ABBEY OF POMPOSA - treasure chest of art and history

  • Tour Price: €160 and for groups up to 15 people.
  • Tour Type: Walking tour.
  • Clothing: Comfortable shoes are recommended and clothing suitable for places of worship.
  • The Abbey of Pomposa's stunning bell tower announces it from afar, its 14th century frescoes tell us stories of apocalypse and paradise and its rooms make us revive the everyday life of the abbots and saints.

    This famous Abbey, founded in the 7th century by Benedictine monks settling on what was once an island between two branches of the River Po.

    In the Middle Ages, Pomposa became one of the most prosperous and powerful abbeys in northern Italy, attended by noblemen, pilgrims and illustrious characters such as the monk Guido d'Arezzo, inventor of the musical pentagram.

    We will tell you about the golden age of the great monastic complex and we will guide you to visit the Abbey, the Refectory and the Chapter House: the beautiful marble floor of the church and the fourteenth-century frescoes by Giotto's inspiration will leave you pleasantly surprised and excited.

    I do not assume responsibility for ticket increases or changes of monuments opening hours that may occur during the year.