Lugo di Romagna

LUGO DI ROMAGNA – flying over Lugo

  • Tour Price: €170 and for groups up to 15 people.
  • Tour Type: Walking tour.
  • Clothing: No special clothing is required
  • For the most curious, we propose a visit to Lugo, a beautiful city in the heart of Romagna, home to the famous hero of the First World War, Francesco Baracca, whose centenary of death was celebrated in 2018.

    It has always been an important commercial center, terra inter amnes, that is, in the middle of the rivers. Lugo has ancient origins that date back to the Neolithic.

    Today its historical center is deeply original, with architectures from many different periods telling us different stories.

    It is impossible not to be fascinated by the imposing Estense Castle, perfectly preserved and still in use as the headquarter of the city council. It is possible to organize the visit of the roof gardens, the old prisons, the beautiful Rossini Hall and the tower.

    We can continue with the Pavaglione, arcades built to house the market, which has always been one of the most flourishing in the region, particularly the silkworm one.

    The monument of Francesco Baracca stands out majestically, with the bronze statue of the hero and the marble wing of his airplane with the rearing horse, today known worldwide as the symbol of Ferrari.

    Then we can see the city theater(exterior), the oldest in the region, dedicated to Gioacchino Rossini, a famous musician of "Lughese" origin.

    We will pass by the old hospital to reach the Baracca Museum, located in the building where the famous aviator was born. Here we can see a SPAD VII really piloted by Baracca and other interesting findings that will thrill lovers of history and aviation. In the museum it is also possible to experience the thrill of flying on the Baracca plane, reserving a flight simulation.

    The visiting order of the monuments is not the one listed above and is adjusted according to the needs of visitors. I do not assume responsibility for ticket increases or changes of monuments opening hours that may occur during the year.